Sea Kayaks & Canoe Tours in Thailand

Sea Kayaks Arounf Koh Tarutao in Thailand Your canoe glides quietly as you watch in awe at the natural beauty around you. At another time and place you are part of a small group of intrepid adventure seekers paddling the Andaman sea at night. Nothing but moonlight, stars and the natural luminescence of the sea is there to guide you.

Up and down the coast of Southern Thailand, nature's perfection awaits the kayak and canoe. Limestone karsts with stunning grottos. More birds than you could imagine. Monkeys, langur and monitor lizards are your audience. Quiet islands with beautiful beaches seem to beckon. National Parks offer a pristine glimpse at nature that city dweller will never forget.

Kayak or Canoe?

Equipment should fit the touring requirement. Inflatable canoes, sit-on-tops and sea kayaks each have advantages. Inflatables can be packed into remote areas and are especially good for when the current is carrying the craft. Sit-on-tops are maneuverable for caves and grottos; and good for short distances. Sea kayaks are much better for longer distances and in open water. Dave Williams offers an in-depth discussion of kayaks and their advantages ... sea kayaks - Thailand

Sea Kayak Tour Planning and Tides

Many of the better locations for sea kayak touring depends on ocean tides. Features can be revealed or hidden. Some tours need to be planned individually.

Training If you are not experienced, make sure you get good training.

Sea Kayaking Locations in Thailand

Our @ Thai National Parks page.

Ko Tarutao

Island off the coast of Sathun was introduced to the world by the television show "Survivor". It has Excellent water, snorkeling, great caves, jungle treks and mangroves. Watch macaques, langur, Bramany kites, hornbills and kingfishers.

Phang Nga

This national park of limestone karst that dot the bay make perfect day trips. Caves, grottos and fine beaches are abundant. Be back in the hotel for dinner or do an over nighter. Sea eagles and Bramany kites will be watching from above..


Short paddling trips from one offshore island to another. Uncrowded with great water and fine beaches. Grottos and caves. Many of these islands have bungalows.

Khao Sok National Park

A feast of eco tourism. Verdant jungles, a fresh water reservoir. Soaring limestone karst. A dazzling array of birds. Wild pigs, gibbon, langur and more. Primitive bungalows but a true nature experience.