Surin Island, Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon

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Scuba Divesites Near Koh Surin in Andaman Sea

Richelieu Rock

  • Visible only at low tide
  • Visibility - 5 to 30 m
  • Depth to 45 m, average 20 m
  • World class diving - a wall dive, undersea pinnaces, shelves and ledges
  • Teeming with barracuda, big-eyed trevallies, bat fish, long nose emperors, rainbow runners, snapper and cobia. Sometimes potato cod and marble rays
  • Occasional shovel nose rays and whale sharks

Koh Tachai

  • Current- weak to moderate
  • Visibility - 10 - 30 m
  • Depth - 20 - 30 m
  • Three reefs at different depths
  • Fans, barrel sponges, large boulders and swim throughs.
  • Nudibranch, manta rays and occasional whale sharks

Koh Bon

  • Current - moderate to strong
  • Visibility to 30 m
  • Depth to 40 m, average 20 m
  • Big sponges, golden star coral and sea anemones
  • Octupus, cuttlefish, coral trout, manta rays, schools of trevallies and tunas, big marble rays and leopard sharks. Occasionally, whale sharks.
  • At shallower depths - yellow snapper, cuttlefish, oriental sweet lips and banded sea snakes.