Phuket Travel Warnings

Warning Icon For reasons beyond comprehension, the authorities who control Phuket seemed determined to allow the destruction of the island's tourist industry through greed and corruption. We all know that many developing countries have corruption, but several areas of this magnificent island have elevated the practice to new levels.

Travelers to Phuket should always remain alert for a number of travel scams and rip-offs.

Phuket Tuk-Tuk Cartel

Tuk-Tuks of various designs have been a common means of transportation in many cities. The operators in Phuket are organized into a mafia style organization that relies on violence and intimidation to maintain an outrageous fee structure while eliminating competition. Tuk tuk fare warnings

Phuket Bar Touts Warning

So if you manage to avoid the Tuk-Tuk Cartel, and slip by the Jet Ski Mafia, you may feel like celebrating. But don't lower your guard just yet. You can still be victimized by the Bar Touts

Phuket Beach Areas Parking Turf

Location, location, location seems to be just as important for transportation service parking as it is for real estate. The tuk-tuk operators have taken the concept to a new level. One French family was injured in an attack by a tuk-tuk operator because they dared to park on his turf.

Options for Phuket Travelers

So what is the transportation solution for travelers to Phuket? Either stay away from the mafia areas, mainly Patong and Kata-Karon, or rent a car. At Bt 900-1,200/day, it's a travel bargain on Phuket. And besides having your own transportation, an automobile is often more secure for valuables than your hotel room.

Just be careful where you park.

Jet ski Scam

Jet ski fraud has become rampant in Phuket. In a common scenario, the operator claims that the traveler renting the Jet ski has somehow damaged the machine. Then a demand is made for compensation. What to do about Jet ski scams