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Phuket The verdant island nestled along the western side of Thailand's southern peninsula and surrounded by the Andaman Sea may be the most popular tourist destination outside Bangkok.

Phuket's green hills, turquoise water, long stretches of sandy beach and lively nights attract sun worshipers, divers, sightseers and revelers.

From humble guest houses to 5 star resorts, Phuket has a bewildering variety of accommodations.

Then add world class golf, sea kayaking, rain forest tours, sailing excursions, the nearby islands and Pang Nga Bay; and why Phuket is such a popular destination becomes obvious.

Phuket Beaches The western and southern facing coastlines have numerous beaches, each with a unique atmosphere. To get an overall perspective plus locations and features:

Map of Phuket See a large travel map of Phuket ... @ map of Phuket.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling The waters around Phuket have some of the world's fine dive sites. For detailed information see our pages on scuba diving ... scuba diving Phuket

Phuket Islands The sea around Phuket has islands that come awfully close to paradise. Some are great for a day of relaxing and snorkeling while others can be a complete destination ... (coming soon)

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History of Phuket Chinese and Malaysia traders founded Phuket Town just over a century ago, primarily as a center for servicing the tin industry during the boom that began the 20th century.

The mixed Chinese and western architecture, called Sino-Portuguese, makes an interesting contrast to the Thai building styles. Although a major fire destroyed much of the city, several public buildings survived and reflect the unique local style.