Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Bay from Pratumnak Hill

Pattaya's reputation as a hedonistic destination is only partly deserved. Numerous web sites adequately cover Pattaya's bar scene so we won't try to do that here on Guide To Thailand. One web site that does a relatively tasteful job is

Beaches in Pattaya

Urban beaches, mere steps from hotels, guest houses, restaurants and food stalls. On Pattaya's beaches you can soak up the sun, get a massage, rent watercraft, order food and people watch. .. (coming)

Golf around Pattaya

Pretty close to golfers heaven for high and low handicappers alike. Twenty or more international standard golf courses are within an hours drive of Pattaya. The courses, designed by such names as Nicklaus, Dye and Faldo, offer the golfer a rare opportunity .. Pattaya golf

Pattaya Scuba Diving

Many visitors to Pattaya don't realize there are idyllic islands and shipwrecks in nearby waters. A number of PADI dive shops can get you to them .. scuba diving

Pattaya's Attractions

Range from tropical gardens to Buddhist temples to Ripley's Museum and elephants. There are plenty of family style .. Pattaya attractions

Activities in Pattaya

involve more than chilling out on a beach. There are go-karts to race, horses to ride and guns to shoot .. just not all at the same time .. Pattaya activities

Pattaya Nightlife

The nightlife in Pattaya can be elegant and cool or bold and brassy. Whether it's a jazz club, a hip disco or transvestite review, Pattaya rocks .. Pattaya's nightlife

Pattaya Dining

It's all here, from Continental to Cajun and Korean to Thai. Pattaya offers a bewildering array of dining experiences that won't max out your credit card .. dining in Pattaya

Accommodations in Pattaya

The best economy and variety of any tourist area in Thailand. Guest houses, hotels, serviced apartments and condos are abundant and available .. Pattaya hotels

Getting to Pattaya

Quick and easy from Suvarbaphumi or Sukhumvit Road. A short flight from Koh Samui and an hour from most other provinces. And not always expensive .. getting to Pattaya

Resources Pattaya has a host of clubs, agencies and service companies. We hope you will find the information useful .. resources