Travel Destinations in Northern Thailand

Chiang Saen Lake in Chiang Rai Province Northern Thailand aka Lanna is as rich in travel destinations as in culture and history. Each season offers unique opportunities in nature and adventure travel.

Chiang Mai

Generally considered the cornerstone travel destination for Northern Thailand. As a destination, Chiang Mai offers everything from a robust nightlife to hill tribe treks to luxury health spas .. @ Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chiang Rai

Less touristy and lower key, Chiang Rai gives a different glimpse of Northern Thailand. Side trips and day trips from Chiang Rai reveal what the northernmost province has to offer the curious traveler .. Chiang Rai, Thailand.


Steeped in history, the province of Sukhothai boasts one of the true wonders of Thailand. UNESCO designated Sukhothai Historical Park as a world heritage site .. Sukhothai, Thailand.

Mae Hong Son

Land of the mists, strongly influenced by ethnic cultures and its proximity to Burma. Winding roads, fields of sunflowers and travel opportunities galore in .. Mae Hong Son, Thailand.


If you have never visited Nan, you are not alone. Off the beaten track, this elegant province on the Lao border offers a cultural twist to traditional Lanna .. Nan, Thailand.

Kamphaeng Phet

For those travelers interested in temples, Kamphaeng Phet has some of the best. More than 700 years old, this little city on the Ping River has temples and nature parks .. Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand.


Once the most important city in the North, Lamphang shows a strong Burmese influence in the temple designs there. See the city by horse-drawn carriage or take a stroll along the river. .. Lamphang, Thailand.


With the largest natural Lake in Northern Thailand, Phayao appeals to the traveler who enjoys taking his coffee on the sidewalk. .. Phayao, Thailand.


Rich in minerals and teak, Phrae served an important part in Thailand's development. See stunning vistas from the high mountains and visit exquisite Buddhist temples. .. Phrae, Thailand.