Chiang Rai's Night Market

Chiang Rai Night Market Chiang Rai's night market is one of the more honest night markets around. The place is convenient near the center of town, a short walk from the bus station qne onone of the main pedestrian streets in town.

Besides having semi-permanent shops, one area is devoted to individual sellers who spread out their wares on the ground. Many of these small sellers ride a songtawe into town from the village bringing in their embroidery and beadwork.

Hill tribe fabrics, silver, beads and needlework dominate the low rent area. Handicrafts go at bargain prices, although negotiation is recommended.

A food court offering a variety of traditional Northern dishes is convenient for an early or late night snack. Or sit in the beer garden and people watch. Cultutal shows are presented from time to time.

For a more intimate libation, find the corner of the night market area that has small beer bars. Strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler or one of the local Thais or expats.