Chiang Rai Dining - Simple and Tasty

Northen Thai Grilled Sausage

Food Chiang Rai offers variety .. from Northern barbecue to noodle stands to The Peak, an international standard restaurant atop the Dusit Island Resort. Western restaurants tend to be located along Paholyothin Road.

Northern barbecue can be divine! Especially the smoked sausage and ribs.

Buffets for lunch and dinner at Little Duck Hotel, Inn Come Hotel and Rimkok Resort offer great opportunities to sample a variety of Thai foods. Buffets also include Western foods. Expect reasonable prices.

Chinese? Think Chinatown Restaurant the Dusit Thani. It is hard to beat. We can recommend their all-you-can-eat dim sum lunch. Their dinner menu boasts a number of delicacies including whole suckling pig.

If you need your fix of pizza, fried chicken, burgers or beefsteak, a number of restaurants along Paholyothin Road should fill the bill. Some are expensive, others more reasonable. Have a look at the menu before ordering.

Noodle Shops

Almost everyone from employees leaving work to revelers on the town will be tempted to stop for a bowl of quay tio Rice-noodle soup. A tasty broth with some vegetables and meat in varying quantities before home. It's a nice finish before bedtime as well. Recipes are a closely guarded secret.

Shops set up on sidewalks as well as open store fronts. It's easy to order, cheap, tasty and a great opportunity to do some people-watching