Chiang Rai Dining - Thai & Chinese Food

Aye's Place

Aye's Restaurant in Chiang Rai, Thailand

If you trudge 50 meters or so north from the 7/11, you will come across Aye's spacious and low key international restaurant. Aye is a professional chef in her own right who once operated a cooking school that my brother raved about.

Excellent international food at reasonable prices. And it couldn't be much more convenient.

Na Korn Phathom

Hole in the wall places often have the best Thai food, and here is a good one. Roast duck on a bed of rice and a bowl of chicken broth soup for Bt 35. But you had better arrive early or the duck disappears.

'Moo Daang' (red pork) is also available.

Directly opposite the main office of Thai Airways, across Paholyothin.

No Name Places Kwaytio is a Thai mainstay, rice noodles, vegetables and won tons served either dry or in broth. One favorite of Chiang Rai Thais is on Jet Yod Road opposite the staff entrance of the Wang Come Hotel. Also try their 'khao soh kai', a Northern coconut based chicken noodle soup. Bt 25.

If plain noodle soup is more to you liking, walk west from the clock tower. Last shop on the left before the Esso station.

Nue Woa Lod Yiem

When Taksin was still welcome in Thailand, he often ate beef soup at this unassuming little shop. Located on Banpa Prakan west of the Clock Tower, about 50 meters past the Suknirand Hotel and across the road.

You may be able to recognize it by a couple of dozen pictures of K. Taksin.

The soup is excellent.