Chiang Rai Dining - Steaks & Chops

Family Bakery House

A Thai owner who lived in the US for a number of years created an 'Old West' ambiance. He also learned how to cook great steaks while living in the west. Large chunks of tender steaks, still sizzling on iron plates come with salad, corn and some often tardy French-fries.

Beef, pork, ostrich or salmon steaks will please your palate. At somewhere between Bt 200 and Bt 300, this place is a bargain.

You need transportation to get there. Take the Wiang Chai (east) from the 'Haryaek 5 Way Intersection' at the Mengrai Statue. Somewhere around 3 km you should see a large lighted yellow sign on the left.

Expect to see mostly Thai clientele. Enjoy Singha draught and wine.

The Peak

Dusit Island Resort on Dusit Island. This place has a great ambiance at the top of the hotel. They serve New Zealand or Australian beef with a continental flair at 5 star Prices.

Bangkok Grill

Near the Night Bazaar. New Zealand rib-eye steaks are often better than expected at Bt 200.