All That is Lanna

Statue of HM Mengrai the Great in Chiang Rai, Thailand If one didn't know better, they might assume that "Lanna" includes nothing more than Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and a few hill tribe villages scattered in the mountains. But the Lanna Kingdom and region includes much more, both geographically and culturally.

Travel opportunities in Lanna range from dining at The Peak in the Chiang Rai Dusit Thani to rafting whitewater in Nan Province. Lanna offers more than the Night Bazaar and Hill Tribe silver in Chiang Mai .. more than backpacker digs in Pai.

It is more than trekking mountain wilderness areas and fields of flowers. Lanna lets the traveler experience all that and more.

Some Lanna aficionados will claim that Lanna ends where speaking Kham Muang, the Northern language, ends. Others claim that the North is Lanna and extends to Phitsanulok and Petchabun.

We will leave that debate to others and tell you about places like Nan and Phrae, Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong.

Lanna has some of Thailand's very best travel opportunities for nature lovers. The area along the Thailand - Laos border is cool and safe. The small towns of Lanna can give you a feel for Thailand that Chiang Mai fails to do.

Stay tuned if you like to climb, float, trek, spa, watch birds, search for gibbon, learn about elephants and kick back in subtropical mountains.