About Kamphaeng Phet

ping river at kamphang phet  in thailand

Even if you're not a budget traveler, Kamphaeng Phet should make you smile with it's value per baht. The city along the Ping river has some very nice resorts under Bt 500 and excellent Thai food just as cheap.

Khampangphet Historical Park

This is a first class destination that is easy to reach, uncrowded and has some excellent ruins in a very nice wooded setting. Kamphang Phet Historical Park

If you need a touch of luxury during your stay in, try an afternoon at Praepimpalai Thai Spa. Whether a foot massage at Bt 150 or a 4.5 hour package that includes Thai herbal hair treatment, facial treatment, body scrub, body wrap, aromatherapy bath, Thai herbal hot oil massage at Bt 3,500. The spa is on the road that runs along the west side of the river, about 2 km north of the main bridge.

Glass Blowing Village

This village may appeal to glass crafters, although it is extremely hard to find. Located about 25 km southeast of Kamphaeng Phet town, the village has a number of glass craft cottage industries. Take a guide who speaks Thai and your language as well.

fitness street-side area near the ping river in kamphang phet thailand

Kamphaeng Phet National Museum

The museum has some interesting artifacts from ancient sites; one site being a bronze-age archeological excavation. Located near the Kamphang Phet Historical Park, it makes a nice hour or so.

Public Fitness Center

Enjoy a workout along the river at a public fitness area with all sorts of machines. While not a park, a nearby park will let you do some serious jogging.