Northern Thailand

white temple on the outskirts of chiang rai, thailand Northern Thailand is probably the most culturally diverse region in Thailand. The North also represents a huge chunk of Thailand. Officially, Northern Thailand includes every province from Mae Hong Son to Nan; from Loei to Petchabun to Phitsanulok to Tak and all in between.

This area once known as the Lanna Kingdom has a rich history. The temples of Lamphang look more Burmese than Thai. One of the world's top golf courses - Santi Buri - stretches across the hills just outside Chiang Rai town.

Loei boasts one of Thailand's best National Parks. The region has a long border with Laos, much of it defined by the Mekong River.

The region is home to numerous ethnic cultures such as the Akka, Lisu, Karen and more. See our pages on hill tribes

In the north you can trek 'til you drop, float the rivers on bamboo rafts, find seasonal white-water and tour by bicycle or motorcycle. You can get to Phitsanulok, Den Chai (near Phrae), Lamphang and Chiang Mai by train; virtually anywhere by bus; and fly to several points from Bangkok in just over an hour.

Cheap and comfortable guest houses are abundant. Sumptuous 5 star resorts are available as well. Luxury health spas are located close to nature.

The North has an "early" rainy season, so the ideal weather starts in late October to early November.

Lanna Tai - the kingdom of one million fields of rice, the domain of King Mengrai born in the 13th century in the ancient city of Chiengsaen. Today, Lanna is best know as Northern Thailand .. about Northern Thailand

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Kamphaeng Phet is on very few "must see" lists and that's a shame. This great little province and town has a UNESCO site that rivals Sukhothai .. Kamphaeng Phet and World Heritage Historical Park

Travel Maps of Northern to help you plan your travels. City maps and province maps like the @ map of Mae Hong Son

Eco tourism destinations such as Chiang Saen Lake in Chiang Rai provide a relaxing day trip; great birding without trekking high into the hills. Chiang Saen Lake

So we recommend that you go North .. you will be happy you did. Unless you go during the @ burning season.