Hospitals in Thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital hospitality suites They often look more like 5-star hotels than medical facilities. The lobby areas have Starbucks, McDonald's and mini marts. Plush sofas are everywhere.

Starched and scrubbed nurses and administrative staff tend to be excruciatingly courteous. And then there is the efficiency. They operate with the precision of a Swiss watch .. most of the time.

Waiting times are usually brief, doctors well-qualified and facilities will make you smile. Costs may startle you. How can a visit to one of these outstanding facilities cost you less than US$ 100, including medications?

I recently visited Rama 9 Hospital for an initial consultation regarding an elective surgery. After a medical assistant recorded my BP, weight and height, the doctor spent about 30 minutes with me. That included a bit of friendly small talk, an examination, and some pre-surgery recommendations. My bill was THB 500 (US$ 17).

Bangkok Hospitals

Bangkok has a number of world class hospitals. Bumrungrat Hospital is often touted as the best hospital in Bangkok. Yet H. M. King Bumibol Adulyadej is usually treated at Siriraj Hospital.

Other hospitals with varying degrees of luxury and with excellent medical treatment include Rama 9 Hospital, Bangkok Nursing Home, Vejthani Hospital and more outstanding .. Bangkok hospitals

Chiang Mai Hospitals

Some travelers don't want to subject themselves to the hustle of Bangkok during their period of recuperation. Heading to the " Rose of the North" may better fit their priorities. Chiang Mai has two hospitals that are considered top-notch. Many consider Chiang Mai Ram as the best in the North, with McCormack Hospital as an alternative.

Phuket Hospitals

Bangkok Hospital-Phuket is among the best in Thailand. And Phuket offers countless spas to make your recovery pleasant .. even memorable. Phuket has 18 beaches as well as a number of resort islands with sumptuous resorts.