Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital hospitality suites Your first visit to Bamrungrat Hospital in Thailand can be a jaw-dropping experience. Bumrungrad is often cited as an example of what a hospital should be and how smoothly they can run.

Efficiency is evident from the moment you approach the information desk to the pharmacy where you pick up your prescription.

Bumrungrad seems to be the default choice of westerners seeking medical attention in Bangkok. There is a good reason for that. Besides being a top notch hospital, everything about Bumrungrad appeals to westerners. You actually can walk in to the outpatient clinic and see a doctor in less than an hour. Try that in New York City.

Bumrungrad Staff

One of the first thing you may notice is the staff. Bumrungrad is definitely not understaffed. Many Doctors practicing at Bumrungrad graduated from top universities and medical schools in the west. They speak English, some better than you and I.

Bumrungrad Rooms

If you suddenly ask yourself why your room at Bangrungrad is nicer than your hotel room, you won't be alone. They are beautiful and spacious. Comfy sofas, cable TV, 24/7 service and outstanding meals. A deluxe private room will cost you the princely sum of US$ 250 with meals included. A V.I.P. suite costs less than US$ 500.

Bumrungrad Residence

You may want an outpatient procedure done at Bumrungrad, but may not want to brave Bangkok's traffic and heat until you're feeling better. Bumrungrat has a comfortable serviced apartment for you, accessible by air-com walkway from the hospital.

If you want something with a bit more luxury, the Hospitality Suites offer complete support services, including maid service, 24-hour security, concierge services and even an appointment desk linked directly to the hospital.

Bumrungrad Efficiency & Costs

The last impression you may get at Bumrungrad is how efficiently the place is run. Why can't hospitals and clinics in the west have my prescription and bill ready as soon as I arrive at the pharmacy.

And how can the hospital charges at Bumrungrad be so low? Maybe it's because they are doing things right?

Here is a map showing Bumrungrad's location.