Dental Procedures in Thailand

dental facility in Thailand Dental costs in the west can ruin an annual budget, especially if you don't have insurance. Thailand can take away the pain, literally and figuratively.

Top dental clinics and dental hospitals in Thailand have state of the art equipment and employ the latest techniques. Most dentists speak good to excellent English. many have studied at dental schools in North America and Europe.

Dental Evaluations

To get a good idea of the procedures and costs, schedule a consultation. That visit should be in the Bt 500 (US$ 17) range. If x-rays are required, figure on Bt 1,000 (US$ 33). visit websites in the west show prices that are incomplete. Extensive procedures may include the dentist's fee, but not that of ancillary services. We have found that in Thailand, the entire cost for a given procedure is readily quoted after your initial visit.

Dental Fillings In Thailand

One prominent dental clinic show their most expensive filling as a 3 surface composite color filling at Bt 1,000 (US$ 33)/ tooth. Compare that to US$ 150.

So if you have a few fillings done during your holiday in Thailand, your trip gets much less expensive.

Root Canal in Thailand

Plan to make 2 - 4 visits to the dental clinic and spend about Bt 20,000 (US$ 667) for the total root canal procedure plus a ceramic crown. Or you could go to the US and spend US$ 2,500.

Dental Implants in Thailand

The mind almost boggle at the western costs for dental implants. Full mouth implants can rival the cost of a small condominium. Condos in Thailand tend to be considerably cheaper.

The vast menu of options make talking about prices extremely difficult. And the technology is continually evolving. This is an area where a lot of research is required. But finding prices in Thailand is much easier than finding prices in western countries.

One dental office told us that the greatest cost of dental implants are the anchors and prosthetics rather than the actual procedures. That's because the implants and anchors are imports.

 Our Thai Baht / US$ exchange rate is calculated at THB 30 = US$ 1