Medical Tourism & Thailand

liposuction - breast augmentation in Thailand Western medical costs and hospital charges have skyrocketed in the past decade. Thailand offers excellent alternatives for medical tourists to combine their treatments with an exotic holiday. Imagine taking a month-long vacation in Thailand with what you saved on medical procedures.

Not only is that scenario doable, but every year more and more westerners are enjoying the benefits. And if you don't have health insurance in the west, Thailand can save you tens-of-thousands .. and more. this is a new section so please be patient while we add content

Medical Tourism Savings

Complex surgical and dental procedures offer savings up to 75%. Anything that requires a hospital stay makes your savings even more profound. Just a few comparisons and approximate costs.

Procedure $ in Thailand US$ Savings
  Dental Procedures
Porcelain Veneer 300 700 57%
Ceramic Crown 300 1,000 70%
Filling 25 100 75%
.. more on dental procedures
  Cosmetic Procedures
Blepharoplasty 1,000 4,000 75%
Facelift 3,000 8,000 63%
Liposuction - full abdomen 3,000 6,000 50%
Breast augmentation 3,000 5,000 40%
.. more on cosmetic procedures
  Vision Procedures
Lasik-per eye 700 2,000 65%
Cataract-per eye 1,100 3,000 63%
.. more on vision procedures

 Our Thai Baht / US$ exchange rate is calculated at THB 31 = US$ 1