Koh Samui Shopping

Koh Samui Night Market Koh Samui is great for shopping. Chaweng has the most - Chaweng Beach Road is about 2 miles long and shops / stalls make up most of it!

There are many tailors offering to make you bargain suits and shirts. You can also get sheets, pillowcases, cushion covers .. you name it, they'll make it. The quality is usually very good.

Just be careful of shops that offer really cheap deals, the suits they make are often suspect. Tommy's and Armani Tailors are 2 reputable firms.

If you want to stock up on dive or snorkel gear, there are a few dive shops on this road. Check out Captain Caveman's and The Dive Shop - both have an impressive amount of equipment.

You can find designer clothes / shoes stores on Koh Samui as well. Paul Smith, Armani and Timberland are here, as well as sporting brands like Nike and Adidas. The cost of these clothes is reasonable compared to western prices, but not super - cheap.

This is because there is a minimum price under their franchise agreement. Clothes in these franchises are the real thing! There are also other clothes shops selling quality clothes that are not famous brand names in the West. Clothes of this quality are much cheaper than anything similar abroad. Items in these shops are fixed price.

If you want to go even cheaper there are numerous stalls on Samui selling fake brand name stuff .. the quality is actually OK, but obviously the clothes wont last as long. They're fine for cheap beachwear, and of course you can haggle!

Other stalls on the road sell CDs, jewelry, sarongs, watches, books, beach toys, bags etc all at negotiable prices.

If you're shopping for excursions then you are in luck! Almost every other shop in Ko Samui is a travel agent. They can book tickets for pretty much anything you want.

After all this shopping you'll need a beer. No shortage of watering holes in Chaweng. See entertainment on Samui

If its practical stuff you want for your apartment or house, try Lam Din market. It's behind Chaweng Beach Road. Take the turn opposite the entrance to Chaweng Beach.

Anything you need is here - lamps, cushions, linen, electrical items, as well as some Thai souvenirs. Lam Din is pretty slow in the mornings and early afternoons, with most of the stalls opening late afternoon and early evening.

There's plenty of food stalls serving traditional Thai fare. The food here is safe to eat. It's a real social occasion for the locals in the evening. Once it gets dark and the stalls light up it creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Also very handy for shopping is Tesco, which opened in 2003. Take the ring road north from Chaweng and it's on the left. There's a huge selection of food if you want to cook at home, and there's also a large food hall for cheap eats if you can't wait.

Tesco also sells clothes, TV's, DVD players, toasters (in fact almost any electrical appliance!) and the quality is very good. It's a good place to stock up on alcohol if you're planning on a few nights in. You can buy cameras here, rent movies, or just marvel at how weird it seems to see a Tesco in Thailand.

For more souvenirs head over to Na Thon on the west coast of Koh Samui. Due to the ferries docking here there's a fair amount of shopping to cater for the people passing through. As it's away from the main tourist areas, the stalls often sell at a lower price.