Koh Chang Scuba Diving

Scuba Dive Sites around Koh Chang tend to be around the islands south of Koh Chang.

Dive Sites Around Koh Chang

scuba diving map of area around ko chang; trat province, thailand

  • 1 - Hin Luk Bat - Depth to 18 m with 11 m visibility. Diverse marine life, barrel sponges, shelves of relatively healthy soft corals, barracuda, crown-of-thorns starfish
  • 2 - Thonburi wreck - Depth to 15 m. The Thai warship sunk during the conflict between Thailand and France in 1941, now an artificial reef
  • 3 - Hin Rap (Koh Klum) - Depth to 18 m with 11 m visibility. Staghorn coral, barrel sponges & soft corals. Variety of small reef fish
  • 4 - Koh Wai - Depth to 20 m with 10 m visibility, A fringe reef, mostly hard corals, some soft coral deeper along the slope. Leopard shark & sometimes rays on a sandy bottom
  • 5 - Koh Kra - Depth to 6 m with 7 m visibility. Gently sloping reef of hard corals. Gardens of staghorn, reef fish rays on sandy bottom
  • 6 - Kho Rang Pinnacles - Depth to 30 m with 15 m viability. Excellent multi-level site with a coral shelf on deeper pinnacles (15 m). Parrot fish, small rays, barracuda, large cobia (kingfish)

Note: Difficulty levels of dive sites should be discussed with the dive operator before you book your trip.