Koh Chang Thailand

Beach on Koh Chang, Thailand Koh Chang is one of Thailand's hot newer travel destinations, described as what Phuket was twenty years ago.

The verdant island floats serenely in a beautiful sea teeming with marine life and just minutes off the coast of Trat province.

White sand beaches with an occasional sumptuous resort hotel stretch invitingly, bracketed by lush flora and teased by the trade winds.


Our maps of Koh Chang will give you an overall perspective on the national park ... map of Koh Chang and Mu Koh Chang National Park.

scuba diving on Koh Chang


Koh Chang has a shorter rainy season than the islands farther south and a weather cycle similar to the central region of Thailand.


Family fun is everywhere around Koh Chang. Trekking the forests, exploring waterfalls or building sand castles. Snorkeling a reef or scuba diving one of the nearby shipwrecks. See our scuba diving section

Getting There

Transfers from Bangkok are straightforward and require about half a day. Getting to ... Koh Chang