Getting to Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Erewan Waterfall in Kanchanaburi Province How long you plan to spend in Kanchanaburi and where you plan to visit may determine your choice of transportation. Many of the attractions around Kanchanaburi are spread out a bit. Trying to get local transportation to the various Death Railway sites can take a lot of time can be unpleasant.

An organized tour may be your best approach. Most hotels have a travel desk that can arrange a tour.

If you decide on a package tour, get sufficient detail to determine:

  • What sites are included?
  • Will you have sufficient time at each site, i.e., the Hellfire Pass Memorial Walking Trail
  • Does the tour included admission fees for all parties (cemeteries are free)
  • Lunch arrangements

If you are going to Kanchanaburi on a self guided tour and/or overnight:

Self Drive
Get a map from the hotel and expect a 2-hour drive. Holidays and long weekends can be considerably longer.

For those persons on a multi-day tour .. and concerned about driving in Bangkok, consider a bus or taxi to Kanchanaburi then rent a car for touring around.

Air-con Bus(Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal)
1st class buses should leave Bangkok every 15 minutes or so from 05.00 am. - 10.30 pm.
2nd class buses (new route) leave Bangkok every 20 minutes from 05.10 am. - 10.30 pm.
.. and take about 2 hours.

Non air-con Bus Don't even think about it .. even in the cool season

Train (Bangkok Noi Station) Normally, 2 times per day, departure times are 07.40 and 13.50. They stop over at Kanchanaburi, Kwai River Bridge, Tha Kilen and waterfall station. Travel time approximately 4 hours. More information Tel 024113102. A great resource for train travel in Thailand

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - Tourist train full day tour Stops at the cemetery, temple and across the bridge. It's good but early .. around 06:00. Same train returns to Bangkok about 20:00. in the same train around 8 pm. Full day tour.

One possible issue .. Dual pricing during the holidays

Getting around Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Kanchanaburi is a walkable city, but it is spread out. And most of the year it is hot .. extremely hot. You will serve yourself better by renting a bicycle or motorcycle. Many shops, guest houses and hotels along Maenam Khwae Road rent them.