Golf Courses in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Avid golfers may want to avoid the congestion of Bangkok and start their holiday in Kanchanaburi. Hotels and resorts vary from affordable to sumptuous and the golf courses are world class. Green fees will surprise you and so may the presence of caddies.

Kanchanaburi's golf courses tend to be well designed and beautifully landscaped. Most are a few kilometers out of the city proper so nature is all around. Water comes into play on many of the courses.

Non-holiday weekdays will be the best times to play. Not only will your fees be less, but the playing experience should be better, especially Tuesday thru Thursday. Some clubs have a "sportsman's" day and offer even lower greens fees.

Blue Sapphire Golf & Resort

Blue Sapphire Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand Blue Sapphire is a 36 hole facility divided into 2 courses; Canyon Course and Ocean Course. True, there is no ocean at Kanchanaburi but there is a very nice lake.
Tel. 034 581 227 - 30; Fax. 034 581 292
Par:72   Length:7,000   Fees: Bt 600 - 800   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

Dragon Hills Golf & Country Club

Dragon Hills Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand Technically, Dragon Hills Golf & Country Club is not in Kanchanaburi but a remote area between Kanchanaburi and Hua Hin. The course is natural and colorful stretched across valleys and rolling hills. It is an ambitious project scheduled to have golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Isao Aoki and Jim Eng.

The project will include sports complexes, clubhouses, restaurants, pubs and bars. A commercial complex, hotel, water reservoir, educational complex Queen's College is also planned.
Tel 0-3222-8222, 0-3222-8444 Hotel 0-3222-9123, Mobile 083-9880775
Par:72   Length:6,812   Fees: Bt 600 - 800   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

Evergreen Hills Golf Club

Green World Hot Springs Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand Set in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and featuring a crystal lake, this family style club is not as long as some others. But you do need to watch out for number 17. Facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool, snooker, tennis court, lodge and driving range. A weekend stay here is not overly expensive.
Tel. 081 928 1992, 081 829 7512; Fax. 02 941 2810, 081 735 6920
Par: 72  Length: 6,879  Fees: Bt 600 - 1,000   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

Green World Hot Spring

Green World Hot Spring Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand The famous Kwae Noi River plays a major role on this short and businesslike course. No 1 plays across the river and golfers must use a suspension bridge to find the green. Several holes flank the river. Amenities include a sports center, tennis courts and swimming pool. Condominiums and building sites are available as well.
Tel. 034 531 382 to 3, 034 599 210 to 1; Fax. 034 599 211
Par: 72   Length:6,020   Fees: Bt 150 - 500   Caddies: Bt 150

Khao Laem Golf Course

Khao Laem Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) sites tend to have some very nice golf small courses. Khao Laem is no exception with 9 holes played 2 X from different tee boxes. Expect small greens, water hazards, bunkers and trees. Even professional golfers find Kheo Laem challenging.
Tel 034 599 077 ext 2602; Fax. 034 599 077 ext 2203
Par: 36  Length: 2,679  Fees: Bt 200   Caddies: Bt 160  

Milford River Kwai Golf Club

Dragon Hills Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand You will need a ferry to reach this 27 hole layout. Riversides and tropical jungle are all around. Expect lots of water and the occasional blind shot. To score well you will need to hit long over numerous chasms. Accommodation can be found nearby the golf course.
Tel. 034 591 037; Fax. 034 591 037
Par: 72  Length:6,923   Fees: Bt 600 - 1,00   Caddies: Bt 180   Cart: Bt 500

The Lion Hills Golf & Country Club

Lion Hills Golf & Country Club - Kanchanaburi, Thailand You will find lots of water on this course surrounded by mountains. The course claims more than 20,000 kinds of colorful plants and trees. It can be a challenging course. Family members have access to a basketball court, a tennis court and swimming pool
Tel. 034 527 250; Fax. 034 527 299
Par: 72   Length:6,923   Fees: Bt 600 - 800   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

Mission Hills Golf Club

Mission Hills Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand Jack Nicklaus designed his waste bunkers into this beautiful course with wide fairways and hundreds of palms. Five sets of tees are well spaces. Mission Hills has a number of memorable holes. Accommodations around the lake are luxurious. Booking is a must at Mission Hills.
Tel. 034 644 147 to 8; Fax. 034 644 323
Par:72   Length:6,364   Fees: Bt 800 - 1,900   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

Nichigo Resort & Country Club

Nichigo Resort & Country Club - Kanchanaburi, Thailand If you hate water on a course, Nichigo may be your almost paradise. While natural terrain features have been incorporated into the design, water is scarce. Drink stations pop up at every 3rd hole. Expect top notch clubhouse and family accommodations. Amenities include a restaurant, sauna, swimming pool and fitness facility.
Tel/Fax. 034 518 518, 034 584 000
Par: (27 hole) 108   Length: 10,770   Fees: Bt 600 - 1,500   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

River Kwai Golf & Country Club

River Kwai Golf & Country Club - Kanchanaburi, Thailand The course bears a famous name, but better courses are available in the River Kwae region. This jungle lined and often hilly course will certainly test your game. Stretching alongside the banks of River Kwae Noi, the design brings water in play on most holes. Long tee shots are often required.
Tel. 083 311 771 - 2
Par:72   Length:7216   Fees: Bt 700 - 1,200   Caddies: Bt 200   Cart: Bt 600

Srinagarindra Dam Golf Course

Srinagarindra Dam Golf Course - Kanchanaburi, Thailand Another Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) course that truly challenges golfers. The front 9 stretches across a valley while the back 9 climbs to the high ground. The scenic course overlooks Srinagarindra Dam Lake. Expect to see some local pro golfers around. Be careful about getting into any skins games.
Tel. 034 574 001 to 2 x 2511; Fax. 034 574 001 x 2453;

NOTES: Reservations are strongly recommended .. some courses require them. Course lengths are specified in yards and based on commonly available information. Accuracy is not guaranteed Some courses claim that an official handicap is required in order to play. We recommend that you confirm with the specific golf course.