Serviced Apartments in Thailand - More Personal

Centre Point 2 Bedroom Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartments in Thailand appeal to many travelers, especially to families. Thailand has many serviced apartments offering a variety of standards.

Generally, a serviced apartment will have fewer tourist related services, but will offer numerous advantages in return. Many would fall into the category of family friendly

  • More personal - quieter locations - larger rooms
  • Fridge & sink - coffee/tea maker - china & flatware
  • Sitting & dining areas - DVD players - internet

What to expect from serviced apartments in Thailand.

Serviced apartments in Thailand are designed to serve middle and upper class Thai business people. Executives who have been recently reassigned find a serviced apartment much more comfortable than a hotel. Some live in service apartments for years.

Thai serviced apartments will not normally have the variety of restaurants, bars & pubs that hotels or resorts will; nor will the reception area be nearly as spacious. Locations are generally a short walk from main boulevards.

A serviced apartment has numerous advantages over a hotel. You are treated more as a resident than a guest. Rooms will usually be much larger than hotel rooms; with a comfortable sitting area and a dining area. Realistically sized fridges are common, as are hot water heaters and tableware.

Many of Bangkok's serviced apartments have 4 star quality rooms, restaurants, fitness rooms, libraries, pools; and mini marts nearby.

When you stop to consider the difference, a serviced apartment in Thailand can make your stay much more pleasant than a tourist hotel.