Thai Hotels

Banana Bon Bon Hotel in Chiang Mai

"Thai" Hotels vary from downright charming to barely tolerable.

Thai hotels are designed and built for Thai physiques, budgets and expectations; so expect to make some adjustments if you stay at one of these establishments.

Don't expect much English to be understood.

You should expect

  • Open lobby
  • Small and clean yet stark rooms
  • Tile, wood or concrete floors
  • Twin size beds
  • Mattress - thick pad on a platform, some exceedingly firm
  • Pillows will usually be firm.

Bed linens will possibly be more coarse than you are accustomed to. Large terrycloth covers may be substituted for blankets -- large towels, so to speak. Bathrooms may well be a small tile cubicle with only a commode, small sink and a shower nozzle or hand-held spray head. Cold water showers are common. Western style sanitary fixture are becoming more common even in Thai hotels. But squat type toilets are still around.

Bathrooms may not have soap and shampoo provided, especially shampoo. But they can usually be purchased in the lobby. Towels are commonly provided.

Restaurants serve Thai food predominantly or exclusively. The menu may have no English language explanations of the Thai. Don't be too shy to point to available photos or even indicate that the dish someone else is having looks appetizing.

Stairs rather than an elevator/lift are common in a hotel of 4 to 5 floors. And Thai stairs are generally smaller than the western foot and will be considerably steeper than western flights.

On the Other Hand ...

Prices should be considerably lower than in those lodgings geared toward westerners. Think one-quarter to one-half.

Food Most Thais simply will not patronize an establishment with mediocre food. So if the restaurant is busy the food is good to excellent. If not, there will be food available across the street or a few steps down the sidewalk .. and it will be economical as well.

Plus the experience can be very positive and give you more confidence in your ability to adapt. One more step along your journey.