What is a Guest House in Thailand?

Ben Guesthouse in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Guest house was a term originally assigned to ancillary accommodation associated with a residence.

Time and opportunity have conspired to blur the differences in budget accommodations.

Thai guest houses usually have a family residence associated with them and are built in residential areas convenient to transportation.

They are generally geared to younger and budget travelers. But the difference in guest houses and hotels may actually be the services ... or lack of services provided.

Rates will generally be budget level, although some fine guest houses will range to the same room rates as tourist class hotels. In Thailand, expect rates from Bt 80 to Bt 800.

Top of the line guest houses will have comfortably furnished air conditioned rooms with western style toilets and hot water showers. They will have full service restaurants with tasty and economical food.

Added features might include laundry, internet service, a TV room and a lounge area.

Bottom of the barrel guest houses may be a room with nothing more than a sleeping pad, one light and a small fan. Shared toilets may not have toilet paper soap or towels. Water for bathing may be cold and stored in a container.

Dormitory rooms will have multiple beds and may be shared by 2 or more strangers.