Bungalows, Guest Houses and Serviced Apartments

Sala Thai Bungalow in Ban Krut, Thailand

Bungalows once meant rustic cabin style accommodation with one or more rooms on the beach, in the mountains or national parks. And they were usually inexpensive.

But all you need to do is to look at Amanpuri's "Pavilions" in Phuket to see that the old equation is no longer valid.

These new style of bungalow are sumptuous islands of comfort and elegance in a luxury resort setting.

So now, bungalow simply means a free-standing accommodation. They may appear as bedroom and bath; or suites with a sitting area, more than one bedroom and bath and possibly a kitchen.

Amenities may vary from nothing except shared toilets ... to private swimming pools and spas and with exclusive chefs and attendants

Guest houses are generally low to medium priced accommodations that would resemble a cheap "motel". They vary from cheap to moderate. Some have shared baths

Serviced Apartments

This class of accommodation can be the most rewarding for those wishing to stay in or near city cemters. Serviced apartments usually have a smaller more business-like lobby as well as a cozier restaurant. And rooms are usually larger.

Serviced apartments often have small kitchens with dining area, china and flatware. Many will have hot water pots for making coffee or tea. Most will have a sitting area, large TV, DVD player and free internet.

While prices may be about the same as comparable hotels, the extra amenities are an extra bonus. And if you are staying for several weeks, a monthly rate will make them very affordable.