Hotels & Resorts in Thailand

Photo Courtesy of Sarojin Resort, Kaolak Thailand

Accommodations are crucial to any travel plan and often the first detail considered. A resort can be the center of a complete holiday. A Spa Resort can be a memorable experience.

Thailand Hotel Quick Search

Lodgings vary in importance for different travelers. For many, a hotel room is no more than a necessary rest stop between adventures and experiences. Yet other visitors may immerse themselves completely in the creature comforts of a 5 star luxury hotel and resort spa.

Selecting accommodation types, styles, prices, locations, classes and amenities are important variables in any travel equation.

Thailand Hotel Types

Hotels can vary from the very basic "Thai" hotels with endless flights of stairs, basic beds, cold water showers and squat toilets; to the 5 star comfort and extraordinary service of venues such as The Oriental.

Resort rooms range from basic primitive bungalows with shared baths and toilets to the opulent pavilions of the Amanpuri Resort in Phuket

Guest Houses may be dormitory rooms on Khaosan Road, bamboo huts in a hill tribe village or a comfortable lodging with all the comforts of home.

Hotel Style

From towers of steel and glass to sprawling strings of one or two story rooms, hotel styles usually fit the surroundings. Resort locations often limit building height, with the possible exception of places such as Phuket where land prices are extremely dear. Bungalows tend to have a special appeal in natural settings and are common in mountains parks and on more secluded beaches.

Thailand Hotel Ratings

Star ratings will generally give an indication of the quality of facility and service one may expect at a hotel or resort, but can, at times, be misleading. Experience is usually the best reference.

Describing what makes a hotel a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel is difficult at best. While a hotel may indeed have superb rooms and amenities that should rate 5 stars, inexperienced staff and mediocre service may deserve no more than 3 stars. And, of course, the reverse is true.

Be wary of 5 star ratings, as that category seems to be the most abused. Also be aware of who is rating the hotel. If the rating comes from the owners, it may be no more than a gimmick.

Hotel Amenities & Extras

How much is enough and when are you paying for what you don't need or won't use. Swimming pools and other recreational facilities cost money and management is seeking to recover that cost.

But if the purpose of your holiday is to luxuriate in Thailand, then a resort with a pool and spa may be the minimum on your list of accommodation requirements.