Chiang Mai Street Food

Kanthoke Food Thais tend to eat often and so you'll see a great deal of edibles being sold on the street in Chiang Mai.

Food stalls come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from basic push carts to elaborate rigs that operate from the back of a large vehicle.

Some only do takeaways whereas others provide tables and chairs for a real roadside experience.

As to whether these places are hygienic or not, well .. it depends. Some are and some aren't. To be fair, some may be cleaner than a four-star hotel restaurant. A good guide is to look at how clean a vendor's work surface is before ordering anything. How many flies are on that slab of pork?

If everything is covered in grease or grime then go to the next one along. They usually hang out in groups.

Another thing to watch for is where do they do their dishes? In a pan on the ground with dirty water? Or on a table with clean running water?

The fare is not usually outstanding but suffices to satisfy most rumbling tummies. But then what to expect for 20/30 baht?

Noodle Stands

Pretty much everywhere in Thailand in late afternoons, noodle shops tend to materialize out of the sidewalks. Most are selling quaytio A rice-noodle soup in a tasty broth. The better versions usually have a few vegetables and a meat-filled wonton or so.. The layouts are easy to find if you're walkin because they usually cover the entire sidewalk from store-front to curb

Thais stop on their way home from work, after some entertainment, or as a late-night snack. These eating establisments usually have small folding metal tables and plastic stools

Don't be shy. Just sit down and look expectant. Hhold up 1 or 2 fingers for how many servings you want. If you look confused enough, the server will figure something out. Doctor up the bowl of noodles with condiments on the table. Expect to pay Bt 25 - 30.

After getting to be a pro at quattio, start looking for the open front shops that sell Khao Soy

Chiang Mai Restaurants

Chiang Mai has an enormous array of restaurants catering to all tastes. The Ping river in the center of town is lined with places offering good food and live music.

Having said that these places do have a rather western feel to them, in particular the riverside and the Goodview restaurants. The riverside has a dinner boat that offers a tranquil alternative to the restaurant itself.