Hospitals in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

As a general rule, if you get sick or have an accident in Chiang Mai then head for the Ram.


  • Many doctors are trained in the west and speak fluent English
  • Walk-in consultations are very inexpensive
  • There there are no long waits to see a doctor

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

For minor operations Chiang Mai Ram Hospital is extremely competent and offers unbeatable value. Whether you would want to undergo a heart transplant there is a different matter.

Christian McCormick Hospital

A relatively unknown feature of the Chiang Mai medical scene is Doctor Petchara at the Christian McCormick Hospital. She offers a highly rated acupuncture service for walk in patients. She studied in China and her command of medical related English is excellent.

A low fee per session, includes fresh needles, and patients are recommended to attend at least 10 sessions for the treatment to be effective.