Chiang Mai Horse Trekking

Horse Trekking in Thailand In the relatively un-visited province of Phrao, not too far from Chiang Mai, a guy called Boris Mimietz runs a horseback trekking service.

A few years ago Boris discovered that the Phrao Valley and surrounding mountains are best navigated on horseback. With this in mind he set up the Thai Horse Farm in 2003, and soon after began leading small adventure groups through streams, down gullies and up mountains for anything up to a fortnight at a time.

To arrange horseback trips its best to contact Boris directly at Thai Horse Farm

Chiang Mai - Visiting Sopphong

Soppong Loop - Chiang Mai, Thailand Here's a place you might like to check out. We already mentioned it briefly in our bird watching section. . . .

The small town of Soppong, about 70Km from Mae Hong Son, will make a nice alternative to the popular tourist town of Pai.

Pai was formerly backpacker territory now turned popular tourist resort.

At first glance Soppong looks nothing special, with just a few ugly buildings and a dingy looking market. But beyond the dour exterior lies a place that resembles Pai twenty years ago.

Golf Courses Around Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

Santi Buri Golf Course Now here's something for all you wannabe scratch players out there: a world class golf course right here in Chiang Rai! In 1999, Golf Digest voted the Santiburi golf course in Chiang Rai among the top ten best courses in the world.

Santiburi Golf Club - Chiang Rai

Opened in 1993 and designed to take advantage of naturally hilly terrain, the Santiburi course makes for a real challenge and a welcome change from the standard ex-rice paddy (pancake flat) courses dotted around Thailand.

Many golf enthusiasts say it's worth flying to Chiang Rai just to play this course. And here's the best bit - green fees are around 1300 baht on weekdays and 2000 baht on weekends and holidays (at time of writing) - that's somewhere around 35 and 50 bucks for a world-class 18 holes. Bet you don't get an opportunity like that in your own country!