Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai's airport has recently started landing international traffic. You can now fly directly to or from Kunming, Singapore, Hong Kong, Yangon and Kuala Lumpur.

Chiang Mai Airport also has numerous flights from Bangkok and other Thai cities. The small airport is well-equipped, with restaurants, money exchange service, visitor information, gift shops and ATMs.

Chiang Mai airport has two legal taxi services running from the airport to town, which is only around 2 kilometers.

Pick up a ticket near baggage claim and present it to a taxi driver outside the terminal.

Coming the other way you can take a taxi, tuk-tuk or red pick-up truck.

Several hotels have courtesy vans that pick up and drop guests at the airport

Chiang Mai Flying Club

Private Aircraft in Chiang Mai Founded in 1998 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts, the Chiang Mai Flying Club has now grown to attract over 250 members. The club owns a Cessna 152 and a Cessna 150, 2 seat training aircraft.

In addition there are currently three more four seat aircraft, including a Piper Arrow and 2 C172's. These are privately owned but are available for hire by suitably qualified club members.

The Club operates from its own airfield just to the south of Lamphun. Lamphun Airfield (VTCO) is located inside the area of the Saha Industrial Park. This airfield was designed to meet ICAO recommendations and is approved by the DOA.

The club also run a town office, manned during normal office hours, close to Chiang Mai International Airport.

Come and fly with us!
Thailand, with friendly people, well-equipped airports, interesting airstrips and helpful air traffic controllers makes a great place to fly. There are very few days in the year when the weather hampers VFR flying and the stunning scenery amongst the hills and mountains of this northern province make piloting relatively easy and great fun.