To Do Around Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon Birding Chiang Mai has a great many activities that revolve around nature and the outdoors.

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most versatile in Thailand. It is a home to a variety of wildlife, the source or numerous rivers and a prime venue for nature outings.

Because of the lush vegetation of the forests, the winding mountain roads and the relative isolation, the areas around Chiang Mai are very popular with motorcyclists. One excellent day ride is the Samoeng loop

Birding is high on the list of nature offerings for the areas around Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon alone boast over 300 bird species. birding at Doi Inthanon

Do you like horses. How about camping? Spending some time seeing a beautiful untouristed valley? If you answer is all of the above, the horse trekking adventure might make your entire holiday.

The wild blue yonder beckons. The smell of aviation fuel is in your nostrils. Are you itching to get your mitts on the controls of a light airplane and see Chiang Mai from a different point of view? Flying in Chiang Mai

Or if you are really a lightweight, Microlite Flying may be more to your taste.

If you would rather stay down to earth, you can learn jewelry design, photography, cooking .. or spa.

Spa .. that's my favorite!

Making Jewelry in Chiang Mai

Nova Jewelery Nova Art Lab is fast building a reputation as the best place for visitors to study jewelry making.

Their workshops have highly skilled people to guide you through the intricacies as you whittle away the hours drilling, sawing, filing and hammering slats of metal and semi-precious stones.

Most people attend for only a day and come away with something they can show to their friends back home.

But some people continue for as much as a month and, even though they had no previous experience of craft making, produced some fine looking creations.

Nova also has classes on painting, photography, sculpture and leather making.

There's a maximum of eight people per class so the atmosphere is relaxed and personal. The timetable is quite flexible and so you'll have to contact Nova directly for details.

They're at 16/1 Soi 4 Thapae Road.