Chiang Mai Thailand

waterfall in chiang mai northern thailand Chiang Mai Travel guides often recommend two to three days for visiting the area. That seems an awfully short span of time to spend in a city and province that has so much to see and do. We challenge any traveler to do more than scratch the surface of this great northern province in a week.

One common complaint is the number of tourists in Chiang Mai. Ask yourself, "Why did all those tourists go there?"

One answer, "Besides being a very nice place to visit, Chiang Mai has a lot to see and do." See our travel maps
@ Map of Chiang Mai Province
@ Map of Doi Inthanon National Park

Chiang Mai Clothing Recommendations

treking shorts Nowadays in Thailand most people under the age of 40 wear western style clothing. And younger women often wear clothes as revealing as anything as you'd find in the west, often with a tattoo for effect.

Shorts and T-shirt are quite acceptable for day to day missions and excursions. Try to keep it at that though.

Men not wearing a shirt around Chiang Mai will be considered impolite and some tourists have even been harassed by police to put their shirt on. It' simple: Thais don't like it.

Map of Chiang Mai  @ Chiang Mai area

Interactive map of @ Parks in Chiang Mai many in and around Chiang Mai Province

Chiang Mai Features

  • Great hotels, resorts and spas
  • Important Buddhist temples
  • Trekking around hill tribe villages
  • An active night market
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Great restaurants
  • Excellent nearby nature trips
  • Pleasant and hospitable people

Chiang Mai has facilities for luxury travelers and backpackers alike. The city is dotted with hundreds of affordable guest houses. Elegant continental cuisine and streetside eateries cater to all price ranges.

Chiang Mai is very easy to get around.

  • Chiang Mai is very walkable
  • Tuk-tuks are everywhere
  • Seelors are prolific
  • Bicycling around is easy
  • Rent a motorcycle

Shopping opportunities abound in Chiang Mai, from the shops in Borsang to the stalls along Chanklang Road; or hill tribes selling handicrafts.

Chiang Mai, come for a day, stay for a month.