A Great Music Club in Petchaboon

Coffee Shop at Kosit Hill Resort in Phetchabun, Thailand If you happen upon the nice town of Phetchabun, or happen to be going there on purpose, you may be looking for a bit of light entertainment. Have we got a place for you!

It's the "Music House" at the Kosit Hill Resort. Located a kilometer or so from Phetchabun's central area and on the main highway, it may well be the most comfortable and pleasant club in Thailand.

I have stayed at the Kosit Hill on at least three occasions and have experienced the Music House several times. The place has been consistently pleasant and extremely comfortable.

The music is a jazzy pop, created by a small combo and group of singers who can actually harmonize. It's not so loud like so many Thai clubs. You can hold a conversation .. but usually prefer listening.

The air con was just perfect for me .. not overly cold. But the beer was excellently chilled. The furniture upgrades your experience with chairs that are just really, really comfy and large enough for my ample frame.

Service varies from very pleasant to downright entertaining. On my last visit, one waitress continually bubbled over with enthusiasm. At one point she explained that she hoped someday to be able to take over the microphone long enough to showcase her "very good" rendition of "Hotel California".

I hope that on my next visit to Kosit Hill I can listen and watch as that young woman sings her song.