Central Thailand - the Soul of Thailand

Head of Destroyed Buddha Image in Ayuttaya Savvy travelers wanting a truly cultural experience should take a hard look at Central Thailand. For here in the heartland, the Chao Phaya Valley, was where Thailand's soul was forged. Outstanding temples, 18th century ruins, museums and natural vistas make Central Thailand a must see for the serious traveler.

Ayuttaya, Thailand

Ayuttaya served as Thailand's capitol from 1350 to 1767. The golden city fell after a prolonged military assault by the Burmese. You can see parts of Ayuttaya as it looked after the Burmese sacked and burned it. Read a @ brief history of Ayuttaya.

Unlike Sukhothai, Ayuttaya is one of hose places where thriving business and residential communities prosper among the spectacular ruins. Only 75 km by boat, car, train or minivan, a visit to Ayuttaya (coming) is highly recommended.

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Kanchanaburi has a uniquely western connection. During World War II, Japanese military forces occupied parts of Thailand and Burma, and built an infamous section of railroad which became know as the "Death Railway". Thousands of Allied POW's slaved under the brutality of their Japanese captors, scores of them dying of malnutrition, disease and torture. More than 8,000, mostly Australians, Dutch and British, were buried at two war cemeteries.

Today, Kanchanaburi is a paradise for golfers, lovers of nature, and trekkers. The province has beautiful waterfalls and a number of National Parks. More @ Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Suphanburi, Thailand

Get off the tourist track and visit some of the places that are revered by the Thai people. Suphanburi happens to be one of those unique places with historical significance as well as beautiful temples and appealing nature areas.

The Don Chedi Monument and Wat Phra Non are just two of the many cultural attractions. For fun, start with a roast chicken and papaya salad feast at Krasiao Dam. Then visit Bueng Chawak to see the landscaped gardens as well as watching birds, fish, tigers. Read more about a visit to Suphanburi, Thailand. (coming)