Beaches in Songkla

Beach in Songkla, Thailand Songkla has miles of seacoast on the Gulf of Thailand and likewise on the large inland salt water Songkla Lake. Determining where one beach ends and another begins can be a nice problem.

Sai Kaew Beach

This great beach stretches for 10 km along the Gulf of Thailand north of the ferry point and turnoff for Tinasulanonda Bridge that spans Southern Songkla lake.

The beach is wide, the sand fine and the water clean. And depending on how far down you stroll, the more privacy you can have.

Sai Kaew can be either a "day" beach or a "stay" beach.

Visits to Toan Nga Chang waterfall, Khu Kut Bird Park and Wat Pha Kho. Shopping and night life in Hadyai is a short ride.

Getting There
Air: Thai Airways has regular service to Hadyai which is 30 minutes away by car.
Bus: Service to Songkla, then take a motorcycle taxi to the resort, which is very well known. Or telephone the resort for a car.
Car: Sai Kaew is off Highway 408 (watch for the sign) north of the Songkla Lake estuary. Approaching Songkla from the west or south, use Tinasulanonda Bridge or the ferry crossing.

Ban Boi Yid Beach

This beach about 20 km south of Songkla is definitely a "day" beach. It runs as far as one can see. There is normal beach debris, but the sand and water looks clean. You certainly won't have trouble finding a spot.

Pak Ban Sakom

Another seemingly endless stretch of fine light sand is powdery and pleasant to the bare feet. The area has salas for picnics and plenty of shade. A nice "day" beach or resorts just a bit farther south.

Getting There
Car: Highway 43 south of Songkla, about 50 km north of Pattani