Prachuap Khirikhan Town Beach

beaches in prachuap khiri khan, thailand travel information Prachuap Khirikhan will probably not remind you of its more famous city 80 km up the coast. For you will not see hordes of western tourists, dense traffic and rows of beer bars. You will not see rows of beach chairs and umbrellas ... or hear the chaos of traffic, loud motorbikes and car horns.

What you will see is a quiet little city set on a bay where the shoreline curls gracefully out into the Gulf of Thailand until each land's end is capped with green mountains. And that subtle sound you hear will be the surf breaking against the golden sands of Prachuap bay and the whisper of an ocean breezes.

Pineapple is famous here and the people are nice. Long sweeping beaches are a bonus for your good judgment in bypassing the tourist spots. The city beach doesn't match the "dazzling white sand that squeaks underfoot as you walk", but the beach is appealing in a natural manner

Activities nearby include forests, caves and waterfalls. The most prominent landmark is a temple perched on top of Mirror Mountain. Great views of the surrounding area reward the intrepid souls who have climbed the rather steep stairway of 395 steps. The monkeys are either playful or annoying depending on your perspective.

Getting There Regular or Air Con buses as well as rail service is available to Prachuap from any nearby city. A type of motorcycle with canopied sidecar makes local transport easy and cheap. Prachuap still has the occasional samlor for around town. Plus the city is very walking and bicycle friendly.

Budget accommodations are available. Access to Ao Manao Bay is easy and recommended.