Beaches in Phang Nga, Thailand

Thai Muang Beach

khao lak beach in phang nga, thailand travel information Thai Muang is a coastal Umphur 30 km north of the Sarasin Bridge that crosses to Phuket. A few km through town, off Route 4, one can find a beautiful combination of beach and golf. Thai Muang Beach Golf & Marina has a strikingly beautiful beach, but unfortunately is not safe for swimming due to strong rip tides.

It is a great beach on which to walk and watch the Andaman and enjoy the peace and quiet of the area. And part of that beach runs alongside a Dye Design golf course. The course is in excellent condition, picturesque and looks to be a fair challenge. The clubhouse has full services with locker rooms, club rental and restaurant.

The resort has 48 nice chalets, each with air con, IDD telephone, satellite TV, mini bar and safety box. The chalets have a swimming pool, Thai traditional massage and airport transfers. Chalets are discounted to Bt 1,000. Green fees for 9/18 holes are Bt 1,100/2,200 with caddy fees Bt 100/200; golf car 300/600; clubs Bt 400, shoes 100, umbrella 100.

Getting to Khao Lak Beach

  • Air: The resort offers transfers to and from Phuket airport.
  • Bus: Thai Muang has bus service from any province. Call the resort for pick up at the bus station.
  • Car: Thai Muang is about 30 km north of Sarasin Bridge (Phuket) on Route 4. The resort is 2 km out of town and clearly marked with English language signs.

Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak is the new hot spot for upscale tourism that is spilling over from Phuket. But not all of Khaolak is equal, nor is all of what is called Khaolak really Khaolak beach.

Most of the resorts and bungalows appear to be on Nang Thong Beach, Bang Niang Beach and Khuk Khak Beach.

As near as this writer could tell, there are 50 resorts, apartments and bungalow operations. Add to that 17 scuba diving operators, a fistful of bars, steak houses, pizza joints, internet cafes, tailor shops and souvenir shops.

For some it may be paradise, but when we visited many years ago, room rates in the fancier resorts were nudging US$100 per night. And the hoteliers wouldn't even talk about anything except "rack rate".

Then came the tsunami!

Khao Lak is different now. Whether it is kinder or gentler depends on the perception of the traveler.

The Beach at Khao Lak

or series of beaches are clean with white powdery sand and clean water. Opinions vary as to how safe the swimming is. It may vary for each area.

Activities at Khao Lak

Scuba Diving is a major attraction at Khaolak, which is near the Thap Lamu pier. Thap Lamu pier happens to be the the departure point for the Similan Islands. Joe Hue, who operates Similan Divers has a web site with information.

Tours of all types, from nature treks to waterfalls in Khaolak National Park; to boat tours can be booked at one of the many tour operators in the boom town along Route 4.

Getting to Khao Lak

Air: Phuket airport is 70 km south. Minibus service to Khaolak is available at the airport.
Bus: Service is available from virtually any province. Buy the ticket for Takuapa, Khaolak.
Car: Khaolak is about 70 km north to the Sarasin bridge on Route 4.

Pakwib Beach

khao lak beach in phang nga, thailand travel information About 10 to 15 km north of Khaolak is a great unspoiled "day beach". Look for the sign off Route 4; same turnoff point as the Sai Rung Waterfall.

The beach has a small refreshment stand and Khun Dtaw rents umbrellas and chaise lounges as well.

Fine sand, clean water, safe swimming, few people and a quiet neighborhood.