Beaches in Chumphon

thailand beach, beaches in Southern Thailand, Songkla Chumphon is one of those locations in Thailand that could and should be more inviting than it seems.

Sairee Beach

Closest beach to Chumphon Town and has many facilities for visitors. Restaurants perch on the hills overlooking long stretches of sand that curl along the Gulf of Thailand. Small bungalow style resorts dot both sides of the road.

So what's wrong?

It's simple .. the beach is dirty. Piles of manmade trash and natural debris which has washed onto the shoreline need to be removed.

Another clue is a sign that tells the visitor that Sairee Beach wants to be another Pattaya. Let's hope they fail.

Pathiu - Thung Wualaen Beach

Thung Wualaen Beach is an entirely different story. The businesses and people around Thung Wualaen apparently clean up the beach periodically even during the off-season. Scores of school kids loosely supervised by locals were cleaning the beach on a recent Monday morning after a long weekend.

And Thung Wualaen has plenty to offer. Bungalows, guest houses, house rentals, bicycle and motorbike rentals, restaurants, stores, expeditions, diving; and kilometers long expanses of wide beach with nice sand and clean water.

And Thung Wualaen is relatively quiet considering the area's popularity. The only traffic will be local traffic, so motorcycling and bicycling are safe.

Thungwualen Accommodations

Khiddy's Guesthouse - just before the beach. Good European food as well as rooms. Fan rooms at Bt 300, air con at Bt 500. Tel & Fax (077) 560 300, E mail

Seabeach Bungalow - on "beach row". Bungalows with fan rooms at Bt 300 and air con at Bt 600. Tel (077) 560 115

View Seafood Resort - another "beach row" resort with bungalows and rental cars. Fan units Bt 400, air con Bt 600 - 900. Tel (077) 560 214 " 216.

Clean Wave Resort - along the beach with air con rooms at Bt 700. Tel (077) 560 151 - 2

Hatsuy Resort - Tel (01) 894 8480

Chumphun Resort - Tel (01) 270 1377, Fax (077) 560 230

Getting to Chumphon

  • Air: Thai Airways has intermittent / promised / sometimes / maybe service to Chumphon.
  • Bus: Service to Chumphon Town or Pathiu and, then take a motorcycle taxi to the beach areas.
  • Car: Sairee Beach is about 8 km southeast of Chumphon Town. English language signs are evident.

Thung Wualaen Beach is roughly 15 km southeast of Pathiu. The route has numerous English language signs.