Ao Manao Beach

Ao Manao Beach resorts in Prachuap Khiri Khan Ao Manao is arguably the best oceanfront in the Umphur (District) of Prachup. Most of the curved bay has flat tree-lined sand beaches punctuated by limestone mountains.

Royal Thai Air Force Wing 53 owns that area and as a result, certain formalities are required before you can enjoy the beach -- possibly leaving your passport in the custody of security. Once inside the base, people pretty much leave you alone.

Beach areas are divided into two parts. The Southern section has quite a number of services that include toilets. Farther south the beach is more private.

Golf: A long walk or short ride from the Guesthouse, a basic 9 hole, par 36 golf course spreads out along the runway. Green fees of Bt 100 allow you to play as much as you want all day. Pull cart rental is Bt 20. The course has a practice range with shaded hitting area.

Accommodations: A very nice hotel style guest house and restaurant will allow non-military booking at Bt 800/day for air con single or double rooms. A restaurant is open from 11:00 AM to 10:30 PM. The area has its own beach.

So if you are quiet type who doesn't need nightlife, For less than Bt 1,500/day you can stay in the Wing 53 resort, eat well, play golf all day, walk the beach and swim.

Caveat: Avoid on holidays. If they get a large military group coming in, you will be required to give up the room, For booking, Tel (032) 661 088

Getting there is easy. The entrance to the Air Force Base is in Prachuap Town at the south end of town and off one of the main roads. Once on the base you actually have to cross the runway. It is quite a long walk. Renting a motorbike makes sense.