Bangkok Weather

Thailand's cool season is certainly the best time to visit Bangkok. While you may have more difficulty with accommodations, do you really want to slog rainy streets or sit in a grid locked taxi while on your holiday?

The hot season has a few rewards but the city can get downright miserable. Has your entire body ever been bathed in sweat?

Bangkok Climate Averages

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainy Days 3 4 8 15 25 18 21 23 25 25 7 3
Relative humidity 68 69 73 75 76 76 74 74 78 81 68 62
Hours of sun/day 8 9 8 7 7 6 5 4 5 6 7 8

Bangkok Average Monthly Temperatures

“Cool” Season in Bangkok

Bangkok usually starts drying out and cooling off in late November. Air quality improves and temperatures are bearable through February. Temperature and rainfall averages Rainfall and temperatures in Thailand vary. Predicting weather is difficult. Showing averages is the only realistic way to anticipate weather patterns.

  • Daytime averages: 31 to 32° C or 87 - 90° F.
  • Nighttime averages: 21 - 24° C or 70 - 75° F.
  • Rainfall averages: 10 - 28 mm or 0.4 - 1 inch

Balmy days will mix with hot days and comfortable nights. This is the season for exploring all that Bangkok has to offer.You may experience occasional rain showers, but seldom the drenching and local flooding common during Thailand's rainy season.

Enjoy open air restaurants during the day and noodles at sidewalk tables in the evenings. Open front bars thrive during the cool and dry season. Bangkokians take to the sidewalks at night. Join them!

Bangkok's Hot Season

If you happen to linger in Bangkok 'til march, prepare to sweat. Breezes diminish and temperatures crawl past 33°/90°. And very little relief from scarce rainfall.

That's when you begin to realize that Bangkok is mostly concrete and steel. Heat lingers and seems to compound. You forget about tuks-tuks and ask every taxi driver is his air-con is working.

Welcome to Bangkok's hot season. It will las from March until May and get especially uncomfortable during mid April (34°/95°) . The Songkran water festival will only last about 3-5 days and you won't mind getting drenched.

The good news, hotel rates are cheaper and more rooms are available. But public transportation gets jammed. Don't even think about traveling outside Bangkok just before and after Songkran. Why do you think those Thais are hanging outside windows and roof hatches of trains?

Just enjoy Bangkok during Songkran. Besides the water tossing, you can actually get to your destination in a reasonable time. Bangkok traffic will never be this good again for another year.

Bangkok Average Monthly Rainfall

Bangkok's Rainy Season

Bangkok's rainy season takes travel misery to a new level. Expect to experience.

  • A scarcity of Taxis
  • Ankle-deep water at the curbs
  • Gridlock at rush hour

Rainy season in Thailand varies a bit by region. Basically, the rainy season starts earlier in the North than in Bangkok. Wet season in Bangkok actually starts at the end of the hot season.

The rainy season has two peaks. The first is in May with average rainfall over 200 mm. Then in September tropical storms dump over 300 mm on Bangkok.

Getting around in Bangkok will be a significant challenge. Learn all you can as quickly as you can about Bangkok's subway and Skytrain. Learn the stations with covered pedestrian access directly into shopping malls.

So if you plan to visit Bangkok during the rainy season consider taking along some appropriate rainy season clothing.