Scam Alerts - Bangkok

Bangkok Tourist Police Scam Warning

Thailand Tourism Organizations have long referred to Thailand as the “Land of Smiles”. Icreasing numbers of tourists are referring to Thailand as “Land of Scams” Even the Tourist Police in Bangkok are placing visual warnings near prime scam venues.

Gem Scam

Actually, the “gem scam” is less a scam and more a tactic. Rubies and sapphires were mined in Thailand for centuries. As a result, a gem-cutting industry flourished in Thailand. The cutters and dealers (not retailers) cluster in Bangkok along Mahesak Boulevard between Suriwong Road and Silom Road. The gem scam / tactic preys mostly on greed.

The Temple is Closed!

Pssst .. the temple ain't closed! But it's a common ploy used by slick con-men to redirect you to some commercial shenanigan. The con men can be extremely disarming. They will speak your language, usually have a close friend or family member living in your home country. A tuk-tuk is often standing by. The cons involve any number of approaches.