Safety & Danger in Bangkok, Thailand

Safety in Bangkok, Thailand

As big cities go, Bangkok is pretty darn safe. You can walk into most neighborhoods and experience little more than curious residents -- especially in the daytime. Actually, its very common to see young women walking alone at night as well.

The nearest you will come to being terrorized Hollywood movie style in public will be from touts or an occasional beggar. Later in the evenings on major boulevards men will often be approached and propositioned by hookers -- female, male and "lady-boys". A polite, "No, thanks," and shaking your head will normally suffice -- or Bt x,000.

Damn Those Pedestrians! Full Speed Ahead!

Traffic will probably be your greatest threat in Bangkok. First, assume that pedestrians never have the right-of-way. While it's true that traffic will usually stop at traffic lights at major intersections, Thai drivers seem to always be looking for an advantage.

Safety Recommendations

  • Don't venture into bad areas -- especially walking alone -- especially at night.
  • If unsure about the safety of a neighborhood, don't go.
  • Learn how to avoid common scams in Bangkok.
  • Learn how to avoid confronting Thais.