Bangkok Rainy Season Clothing

Bangkok shouldn't necessarily be avoided during the rainy season. But it is a good idea to pack for the weather or buy after arrival. Your rainy season wardrobe depends to a certain extent on the balance of your wardrobe.

Giving your sure-to-be wet clothes time to dry -- or more trips to the laundry -- means you may need more changes of clothing for the rainy season. Take socks from home. Bangkok doesn't do socks very well.

Shoes for Thailand Flooded Streets

Wetsuit Boots

Get a pair of “rain shoes” similar to the image on the right. It is a wetsuit boot with a good tread.

The last thing you need or heavy rains in Bangkok are flip-flops. You lose one jumping into a taxi, you're barefoot. And bangkok sidewalks will not treat bare feet well.

Don't wear nice dress shoes on days with heavy rain. If you need dress shoes for a formal or semi-formal ocassion:

  • Take or buy a pair of cheap okay-looking shoes. Thai business people will understand.
  • Get to where you are going wearing your “rain shoes” then change to your “good shoes”

Carry an Umbrella

Umbrellas of the collapsable type as well as cheap “standard” umbrellas are available in street markets and department stores around Bangkok. Buy one one of each type to see which suits you.

Consider buying cheap ones. They are easy to forget in taxis, coffee-shops, bars and restaurants.

Getting Around in Rainy Bangkok

Bangkok Taxi Jam

When it rains in Bangkok, Thai's take taxis. That means that your chances of finding a taxi available gets pretty slim. Don't even think about buses.

The subway and skytrain give you a fighting chance -- less so during rush-hour. Find a good public transit map and study it carefully. Look for stations that connect to shopping venues. It is so much more pleasant to walk to Emporium across a covered walkway than fight your way along a crowded sidewalk.

Hats & Jackets

If someone tells you that you never need a jacket in Bangkok they have never ducked in to a place with 22° C air-con wearing a drenched shirt and wet hair. That can be the start of a nasty cold.

Best is bringing a Gortex™ type jacket from home. Hats and baseball caps are available in Bangkok