Bangkok Food

Thai Food Most restaurants in Bangkok - all that are in tourist areas - have bilingual menus. Many also have photos of the dishes they serve. Besides being helpful for ordering your meal, menus can also be a source of humorous grammar and spelling errors.

Tom Yum Kung

This spicy seafood soup is perhaps the Thai people's favorite soup. Yes, like most Thai food, it is hot and spicy. In fact, it is particularly so. Ingredients include prawns, lemon grass, lime juice and flaming hot chili peppers.

Bangkok's Restaurants

Banyan Tree Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, the question is not only where to dine but the choice of cuisines. Each part of Thailand has a regional twist to the local food, but all regions are represented in Bangkok.

Issan food, curry, northern sausage, papaya salad, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and international restaurants all vie for the Thai and tourist customer alike.

In Bangkok, competition among restaurants is fierce. That means the good food for the price. And restaurant service in Bangkok is excellent.

Only wine and sea food delicacies tend to be expensive. Of course high society restaurants are expensive world wide.

Bangkok Cooking Schools & Cooking Classes

Cooking Thai food can be learned at scores of places in Bangkok. Schools are usually of two types.

  • Demonstration - you are an observer. Advantages include carefully watching a master chef because you are not busy trying to understand a technique
  • Participation - you are preparing & cooking dishes. Advantages include understanding the realities of preparation and cooking techniques.