Bangkok Day Trips

There are numerous choices for day trips from Bangkok and, more than likely, your hotel can give you details.

Two excellent picks are Ayutthaya and the Ancient City.

Koh Kret - Island in the Chao Phaya

thailand travel Koh Kret island, easily accessible from Bangkok, is mainly populated by the oldest settlement of Mon people in Thailand.

Most of the people here make their living as potters. Some of their work can be see at the Ancient Mon Pottery Center on the island. As you walk around Koh Kret, you will also see the locals engaged in their craft.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Floating Market Outside Bangkok Thailand Chatuchak aka Jatujak is the king of markets. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist. It would takes days, maybe weeks, to see all of this sprawling market.

Go about 9:30 AM before it gets too hot. If you go earlier, most shops won't be open. By noon, you'll probably be hot and tired. There are some air-conditioned restaurants where you can have a bite and cool off.