Bangkok Political Protests

Protesrs in Bangkok Jan 14, 2014

Political protests in Bangkok are now into their second day. The self stated goal of the movement is to “Shut Down Bangkok”. The process involves blocking major boulevards at seven strategic locations, mainly along the center al traffic arteries. Some of the protest locations are in tourist areas.

Plan ahead & confirm hotel/resort bookings.

Leaders of the protest have promised to leave the airports out of the shutdown. So landing at Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang should be no problem. Transport into the city will be an issue. At present --.

  • Many streets are barricaded. Even if your taxi driver agrees to take you into the protest areas, expect a long and slow ride
  • Expect alternative travel (riverboat taxis, etc) to be extremely crowded with Thais trying to go about their daily routines
  • Expect many businesses to be closed and to do lots of walking.

If you decide to enter the areas effected by the protests, stay clear of the protesters. Look for information and assistance centers at the airport.

Read English language articles from the newspaper Bangkok Post

Avoiding Bangkok

Actually, avoiding the central areas of Bangkok is easier than you might think. Some options to consider are;

  • You should be able to get a local flight to a destination outside Bangkok without ever leaving the airport
  • Bus stations located in the outlying areas of Bangkok. However, one of the protest areas it at Chatuchak, which is where the Northern Terminal is located.

Options for Your Holiday

Beach, Sun & Sand

Koh Chang and Koh Samet are islands in the Gulf of Thailand and reasonable options. The destinations are southeast of Suvarnabhumi Airport so land travel to the area avoids Bangkok entirely.

Krabi will require an onward flight of less than 2 hours. Khaolak - fly into Phuket Airport but get a minivan to drive you the 80 km north to Khaolak Beach.

Adult nightlife Pattaya isn't Bangkok but is an alternative, albeit a bit sleazy in places. Pattaya even has beaches, but it's no Khaolak. It's also an easy commute to some great golf as well as Muang Boran and the great Khao Kaew Zoo

Up Country

Chiang Mai is an excellent alternative and a 1.5 hour flight. Lots to see, lots to do and nice cool weather. A bus ride will be about 12 hours.

Kanchanaburi requires circling around Bangkok if you land at Suvarnabhumi, but a short ride from Don Muang Airport. Great golf, the JEATH museum and River Kwai Bridge. Outstanding national parks and nature, especially in Sanklaburi.

National Parks -- what a great opportunity to tour Thailand's National Parks. The weather is great and if nature gets too close for too long do an overnighter in Nakhon Phanom, Ubon, Mukdahan, Chiang Rai, et. al.